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Awards and Sustainability

Sustainability has always been a focus for us at the Roebuck, we have even won a couple of awards for our practices. We still know there is a lot to do, and so we have a regularly updated sustainability policy as well as a dedicated Green Team – a group of our staff from all departments who come together to try and improve our ‘green’ credentials. We can always learn more, so if you have any ideas for us, want to host a ‘green’ event or just want to quiz us, please get in touch.

You can keep up-to-date with what the Green Team are up to with their blog and check our 2018 sustainability policy here, or ask one of our staff to tell you about it when you are in the pub.

We recently won a Food Made Good 2019 Award in the One Planet Plate category for our beef burger. By replacing a third of the beef in our burger with mushrooms and lentils our One Planet Plate has delivered a carbon saving equivalent to driving a car halfway round the world. You can find out more from the following article:

The One Planet Plate award, new for 2019, is designed to recognise a planet-friendly dish created for the SRA’s eponymous campaign to help diners eat their way to a better food future. The judges were looking for evidence that the dish had succeeded in driving sales and increased consumer awareness of the major food sustainability issues.